Welcome¬† to UPSTREAM ENTERTAINMENT your guide to some of the best Live Music you will ever witness in Beautiful British Columbia.Upstream has been presenting, producing and promoting, most of the funk, groove, improv jazz, roots rock, and bluegrass in B.C. since 1998….We strive to bring the best, so you can let loose, unwind, and enjoy great live music in a comfortable setting with like-minded people. To your left you can join our email list and be the first to know, join our message board to discuss upcoming shows, and read a review and/or just about anything else you can think of.

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Have fun checking out our new site, we have tried to make a simple, yet functional site, where the the most important details about who we are are front and center. This site will be easy to access from IPhones and Blackberries, we have the Rss feeds at the bottom of page for easy bookmarking, we will be linked up with Facebook and other community groups. Overall, we just want to bring you the goods as easy as possible and for you to share and pass around the information, so more people can find out about the great shows we are promoting, so you don’t miss out on catching your favorite artist, or discovering the next great artist coming this way !! Enjoy and we’ll see you all at a show very soon !!